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One City Two Continents

The geographic location of Istanbul along with its exponentially growing population of 20 million are factors that are increasing the relevance of the city as a place of regional importance. Istanbul has always been an attractive destination for foreign investors due to its strategic position as a bridge connecting Europe and Asia, and this attractiveness has increased thanks to the recent economic growth. The aforementioned growth is being driven by major reforms to the fundamentals of the economy, and these reforms continue to transform the nation and accelerate its rate of growth in a sustainable way. The successes of these changes are evident in the way that all sectors in Türkiye have time and again proven their ability to withstand global economic downturns.

As cradle of many ancient civilizations due to its unparalleled location and unique culture, in modern times Istanbul has now become the go to place for companies looking to establish regional management centers, liaison offices, and branches. However, it takes a special skill set and level of experience for foreign companies to navigate the distinct legal structure, bureaucratic processes, and general regulations in Türkiye. Organizations need a strong guide to advise them through the rapidly transforming and often times convoluted legal environment which is being shaped by European Union compliance efforts along with the general reforms which are taking place.

For many years, IstanbulCPA has been successfully providing expert guidance to global clients in order to prevent them from getting lost in the labyrinthine legal environment. The vast amount of knowledge and experience gained throughout the years has led IstanbulCPA to develop a range of solutions and services that are able to meet all accounting and establishment needs of the investors.

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