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It is a popular idea, that in business startups, outsourcing the organizational activities such as accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, HR processes, IT & back-office setups is generally a better idea than trying to manage all by itself, due to the ability to avoid the risks of mistakes and extra costs. With our first-class accounting related services, you can be ensured that, the bookkeeping, accounting and auditing processes will be handled smoothly, and this will help you focus on the primary operations of your organization.

As the globalization increases with the improving technology in communication and its wide use, new ideas of how to run business processes become more popular for the companies and entities worldwide, which realize the needs of innovative changes. Such companies can help firms operating in various markets and sectors, to discover their needs and provide them with more effective solutions and eventually grow to be globally active.

Embracing this business model, we, as IstanbulCPA and Certified Public Accountants LLC. seek to share our expertise in the bookkeeping, accounting, tax consultancy and auditing fields particularly with our foreign clients in need of business assistance in Türkiye.

IstanbulCPA will keep the accounting records of the client necessary to comply with and in accordance with the Turkish Uniform Chart of Accounts and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Our accounting services can be summarized as below:

  • Corporate income & indirect tax compliance services,
  • Keeping your Company books and records, preparation of all necessary monthly/quarterly/yearly returns & declarations,
  • Keeping the accounting in line with Turkish Uniform Chart of Accounts, IFRS and Turkish GAAP,
  • Producing Trial Balance, subledgers, statutory ledgers in Turkish and TRY, invoice format, depreciation methods & rates, etc.,
  • Preparation of the client’s journal vouchers,
  • Inputting all the required accounting entries to required accounting system,
  • Preparation of the client’s monthly balance sheet and the client’s profit and loss statements, and other existing accounting related duties as required by law,
  • Providing tax advisory services,
  • Holding meetings in order to discuss your queries from tax point of view,
  • Sharing our periodic newsletters and publications with your company,
  • Newsletter membership regarding legislative changes,
  • Consultancy on local requirements,
  • Reconciliation (Account Receivable, Account Payable),
  • Audit Services,
  • Assistance during Tax Audit,

A part of our services includes identification, explanation, and implementation assistance for new accounting pronouncements and regulatory issues. We help our clients understand how these issues affect their business. We provide audit, tax audit, and agreed procedures tailored to fit the needs of each client. Member/partner involvement in these services ensures efficiency and accuracy in the audit services.

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